About Andrew

Dr Andrew Butcher is the author of the books No Place Like Home?; A Time to Gather: Christian Meditations for the Year; Walking the Emmaus Journey: Reflections for the Road; and Bring in the New Day: Discovering the Hope that is God; he has also written or co-written over thirty articles and book chapters. He is also a regular contributor to the blog of the Lowy Institute for International Policy.

Dr Butcher is a Professional Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand , a member of the National Forum of CSCAP (Council for Security and Cooperation in the Asia Pacific) New Zealand, and, by invitation, a member of the International Institute of Strategic Studies. He is on the National Council of the Population Association of New Zealand and on the National Board of International Student Ministries of New Zealand

His research interests include international students’ in New Zealand, foreign policy, Asian expressions of Christianity in New Zealand (with George Wieland) and Asian migration to New Zealand.

Dr Butcher holds degrees in History and Criminology (from Victoria University of Wellington) and a PhD in Sociology (from Massey University).

Since 2006, Dr Butcher has been Director, Research at the Asia New Zealand Foundation. In 2011, he was a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. In 2012 he was a Teaching Fellow in the Political Science and International Relations programme at Victoria University of Wellington.

3 thoughts on “About Andrew

  1. Hi Dr Butcher

    I am a new PhD (Soc Work) student at UC, from Malaysia and came across yr work on new settlers.

    My topic of research is on the lived experience of arab muslim students in schools in Christchurch. My Senior Supervisor is Dr Andrew Frost and i am looking to have a panel of advisors in the relevant areas of my study. Currently Dr Hazel Ashton (Heideggerian philosophy) is part of this panel alongside Dr Annabel Taylor (feminist perspective) and an Arab Muslim Christchurch community leader.

    The epistemology that will guide my research is interpretive and my approach will be phenomenology as determined by my inquiry.

    Could i write to you from time to time for some pointers and comments on my work? I am new but learning everyday.

    I am currently preparing my research proposal due for submission on 1 Nov 09.

    thanks and kind regards,

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Anton Here from Henderson, Auckland. Good to hear that you’re doing research and study about migrant here in NZ. My passion also is to reach out and share God’s word to everyone particularly migrants. I am leading the youth group of multicultural church here in Auckland.

    Just wondering if you have programs from your office for migrants to increase the relationship, bonding of migrants and NZ people.



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